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A big part of the appeal of many different types of products in many different industries is the packaging. Vibrant colors and sharp graphics printed on a variety of different materials helps to give character and an identity to certain types of products. • Companies give a lot of thought to the type of packaging that is wrapped around their products. Many times, the labels are the first point of contact for the consumer, and they will be one of the things that stick in the customer’s mind after the fact. • There are several different types of packaging labels that are used with a variety of different products. Here are a few popular choices and some examples of the kinds of products they are used for.


Shrink labels are also called shrink sleeve Shrink labels, and they are basically a combination of Labels unique container shapes with high impact graphics. The ‘shrink’ element of shrink labels means that they will shrink or mold to the product, regardless of its shape. • Shrink labels are resistant to weather and scuffing, which makes them durable for a wide range of products. Shrink labels are typically available in a wide range of colors either matte or glossy coatings. They work well for all different types of drink or household product containers.


Pressure sensitive labels are one of the more versatile Pressure labels available in the marketplace. Pressure Sensitive labels work well with virtually any combination of printing method and techniques, and Labels almost any kind of bottle, tube or jar. • Pressure sensitive labels lend themselves to front or back applications, different substrates and finishes and a variety of die options. This means you can use dual coatings, specialty inks, hot stamping or lamination to help your product stand out from the crowd. • Pressure sensitive labels allow for more exact label applications and more efficient product runs. The setup, clean up and change over times for the presses are typically shorter which also make the process more efficient.


Shrink bundling film is sometimes called ‘heat Shrink plastic’ or ‘plastic shrink wrap film’ and it’s often used for packaging trays of bottles or cans Bundling such as bottled water or soft drinks. The labels Film are printed on the plastic and become part of the overall packaging of the product. • Heat is used to help film adhere to the products, and it is quickly replacing corrugated paper boxes as the go-to material for many types of products. Shrink bundling film is easily customized, costs less and offers quite a bit of flexibility in the details.


CUT & STACK LABELS cut and Stack labels are a high quality, multicolor option if you want to stay on the economical side. Cut and stack labels can utilize multiple different print technologies with a variety of substrates. These kinds of labels work well for many different food and beverage products, automotive products and household goods.


Roll Fed Labels• Roll fed labels are another economical choice, and are generally simple labels that wrap all the way around the container to offer full coverage. Roll fed labels are also easy to customize, as the simplicity of the labels allow for quick changes to the printing process, and printing on different substrates.• Roll fed labels will give you the same look as pressure sensitive labels, but at a lower price. Roll fed labels generally work well for labels on beverage bottles, canned products or labels for dairy products.


Reusable Shopping Bags• Although not technically a label, more and more people are switching to reusable shopping bags, and they do offer a unique chance to promote a business, a cause or anything else. These days, they can be found in the traditional tote style bags, sling bags or banner bags, in polyester, cotton or various non-woven fabrics.• Reusable bags are great for the environment and they are able to carry a wide range of printing to deliver virtually any message you want.


The various packaging labels produced by different printing methods are used for common wide range of products and reasons. Uses these different labels work well for:

  • Food labels
  • Food pouches
  • Beverage containers
  • Household containers
  • Automotive products
  • Personal care products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Plastic cups
  • Bottle caps
  • Promotional flags or banners
  • Banner stands
  • Beer and wine labels